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Moya networks - A High Capacity Submarine Cable Provider Connecting Africa to the World

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About Moya

Moya has a proven track record of developing new partnership opportunities as well as adding value to its partner’s businesses. Moya’s founders are seasoned Pan-African ICT professionals, experienced in developing and managing ICT companies that deliver enhanced returns while underpinning Continental development. Providing services for over 9 years, serving the data communications needs of carriers, mobile companies, marketing operators and government clients across Africa, Moya partners with existing Government and Private Telecommunications Companies bringing its substantial experience to deploy telecommunications services in Africa.
Moya's list achievements for their Partners includes developing systems and procedures to provide access to the WACs Submarine Cable Capacity through its partnership with Broadband Infraco in West and Southern Africa. Developing systems and procedures to provide access to the Africa Coast to Europe Submarine Cable System in West Africa. Moya will provide access to ACE Submarine Cable Capacity through its partnership with ACE members in Southern Africa.

Token Sale Structure

Moya seeks to raise 10,000 BTC for its Submarine Cable Capacity sale operations. Moya will sell Moya tokens (MTK) over a 4 week period to the Cryptocurrency community. Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted for purchasing MTK tokens:
Fund Raise Cap: Max. 10,000 BTC
- Accepted Purchase Methods: BTC & ETH
- Native Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)
- During the sale, Moya tokens will be offered at: www.moyanetworks.com ICO Bank

Token Creation Rate:
10,000 MTK per 1 BTC
1,000 MTK per 1 ETH

Bonus Structure

Investors purchasing Tokens during the 4 week token sale will be eligible for bonuses under the following structure:
Day 1 - 25 % Bonus
Day 2-7 - 20 % Bonus
Week 2 - 15 % Bonus
Week 3 - 10 % Bonus
Week 4 - 0 % Bonus


Major uses of funds are as follows:
- Submarine Cable Capacity Purchasing $15,000,000
- Backhaul Capacity Network Build $2,500,000
- Operations Expenditure (Staff, Marketing, Fees, Partnerships, etc.) $2,500,000


The Moya Token (MTK) will be issued on the Ethereum platform. Moya tokens are compatible with the ERC-20 standard, which will allow both contracts and wallets on the Ethereum blockchain to interact with the Moya protocol

Token Distribution

80% Distributed Directly to Token Sale Participants

20% Distributed to Moya Operations, Moya Labs, Marketing and Team


Keeping tokens, receiving profits

Moya token grants the holder a proportional share of 20% of Moya Network's profit on an annual Basis.

Selling Tokens

Following the Token Sale, MTK holders can sell the token on the market to receive immediate profit.


Moya official documents are listed below:


Terms and Conditions


Core Team

Carrington Phillip (Carey):

Carey is CEO of Moya Networks. A former Managing Director of Smile Communications, Uganda, where he had prime responsibility for managing the building and launch of Smile's WIMAX Network. Previously, Carey served as Vice President, at Cox Communications Atlanta where he participated in the launch of one of the world’s first “triple play” (Voice, Video, Data) commercial networks.

Jason Berry:

Jason is the former Managing Director, founder and Chief Network Engineer of CiTEC - now called MTN Business. CiTEC, together with various International Patent applications, invented by Mr. Berry, was sold in July 2001 to MTN.

Leonard Harley:

Co-founder of impactChoice and inventor of the world’s first blockchain based carbon asset management & transactional trading platform. Leonard has a strong managerial background with senior level international experience and cross sector exosure.

Vivienne Namutebi:

Ms. Namutebi is an experienced online sales and digital marketing professional in the digital advertising space. She has extensive experience managing online content.